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Frank Lekanne Deprez

Frank Lekanne Deprez is part-time associate professor “Knowledge Organizations and Knowledge Management” at the Universities of Professional Education Zuyd, Heerlen, The Netherlands, lecturer Human Resources Management at Nyenrode University, Breukelen, The Netherlands and is director of ZeroSpace Advies, Amstelveen, The Netherlands. He advises national and international organizations on human resources management, operational and strategic knowledge management, knowledge innovation, knowledge economy and ZeroSpace organizations. His passion is helping organizations target and apply knowledge when and where it is really needed.

Before starting his own company in 2003, Frank Lekanne Deprez was a research associate at Tilburg University and held management and functional positions at Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM). From 1995 to 1997, he was manager of market and product development at Galileo Nederland, Ltd. During the period 1997 - 2003, he was manager at KPMG Knowledge Advisory Services where he consulted with and provided executive training and education for a number of organizations. He was one of the three founding members of KPMG’s Knowledge Management Consulting unit.

His current research interests include (strategic) human resources management, knowledge management, knowledge innovation, knowledge economy and implementing the ZeroSpace mindset in organizations.
Frank Lekanne Deprez is co-author of Value-Based Knowledge Management (1998) and The Knowledge Dividend (2000) and Zero Space. Moving Beyond Organizational Limits (2002).